K-Rimes is Back From Injury

Rayne Team Rider, World Champion and Concrete Wave Speedboarder of the Year Kevin 'K-Rimes' Reimer is back on board after suffering a serious ankle injury in May that required surgery.

Downhill From Here Trailer

Rayne helped sponsor up-and-coming riders Preston Kupish and Micah Bartel travel the West Coast from Portland, USA to Vancouver, Canada to explore the sport of longboarding.


While we think we're the only longboarders in the universe, a special breed of bi-pedal, urethane eating beast has quietly landed on earth from the planet URAYNUSVESANUS - Rayne rider Mark Short's

Rayne Team Rider Nick Jean

Rayne Longboards Team Rider Nick Jean is one of the gnarliest Coast Longboarders you probably have never really heard of.

Rayne Team Brasil 2011

Rayne and Team Rider Douglas Dalua have been working to bring together some of the best skaters in Brasil and create Rayne Team Brasil.

Marisa Nunez



Where is home:

I live in Miami, Florida and was born in Lima, Peru.

Daniel Hawes


Dani, LB or Little Brother


I don't know anymore...


Cameron Kite


Camo Kamakazy

Best known for:

community involvement; all-or-nothing style; flailing; high speed sliding, with or without my board

Get Funky with James West

It's not often we get a call asking us if we get funky, but it's not often we get a chance to watch James West doin what he does best.