Jane Paths Video 2014

Another successful and flawlessly run event thanks to Rayne team rider Luke Melo!

Vicious Grip Video - Following Alvaro

After a bit of a hiatus from skating Rayne team rider Alvaro Bajo is finally off school and back on the hills. Here's a quick video from Vicious of his first run back!

Britannia Classic Raw Runs

Rayne team riders Mike Fitter and Justin Readings did some gnarly shredding in the rain at the 2014 Britannia Classic!

Vancouver to Cali Part 1

Rayne team rider Justin Readings just posted a bunch of photos up from the beginning of his journey to California.

Tony Graves Rad Train Raw run - Rad Train

Tony Graves is one OG rider check this video.

The Rad Train was in town for a couple races and got some time with Rayne team rider Tony Graves to film a raw run of a classic run.

Mike Fitter Cover of Skate Slate

Mike Fitter is crushing, can't help but talk about him these days! After a 4th at Jakes and 3rd at Britannia all he could hope for is a cover.