Dancing and Freestyle Longboards

Choose the best longboard for you

So what if you don’t want to go fast? What if you just want to take curvy, flowing lines through your neighborhood streets, twirling, stepping, dancing and flipping to oblivion? Do you wish you had more room to take more steps and more kicktails to flip your board up for a steezy tigerclaw? Do not be afraid, the Whip has landed!

The Whip is designed around free motion. A board designed to encourage and progress your freestyle in ways that your quiver-killer never could; the supple, shallow kicktails allow you to whip your board around, no-comply and ollie with little effort and much agility. The available large sizes allow you to have almost endless space to bust out your cross-steps, peter pans and general boardwalking shenanigans without getting your feet tangled.

The Whip comes in 3 sizes: 41, 44, and 47 inches. Find which one suits you best!

How to pick the right size

The Whip 41

The Whip 41 is the smallest in the series, but it isn’t small. It’s still a whopping 41 inches, the most common size of most quiver-killers in the market. The Whip 41 is good for riders who will be doing primarily freestyle, flip tricks and quick, nimble footwork. The modest size of the 41 gives you less board to whip around, relative to the 44 and the 47, so it’s also the lightest of the series. It’s also the board with the smallest wheelbase, so it’s good for cruising applications as it is nimbler and quicker to turn than the other boards. The Whip 41 has a firm flex. This means that although the flex is welcoming and comfortable for freestyle and dancing applications, it’s still incredibly valid for freeride and mellow downhill. This is a very good do-everything board and is comfortable for seasoned riders and beginners alike. The Whip 41’s flex is ideal for those who range from 130-220 pounds; basically everyone!

The Whip 44

The Whip 44 is a good mix of the 41’s nimbleness and the 47’s supreme standing platform, for those who have a balanced style comprised of a mixture of boardwalking and snappy flip tricks. The moderate size of the 44 gives you a few extra inches of standing platform to do a few more cross-steps before reaching the end of the board. This also allows you to do more hops and bigger pirouettes without worrying about falling onto the next kicktail. The slightly larger size allows you to do all the same no-complys, shuv-its and 180s as you can on the 41, while being a little flashier. If you want to do a little bit of both, this is the one. The Whip 44 is designed to be stood on by anyone from 130-190 pounds. If you weigh more; do not worry. You can still do your thing on the board, but upon landing tricks, the board may scrape the ground.

The Whip 47

The Whip 47 is for those who want walk hard. Maybe even go for a short jog on their board; who knows? The 47 is oriented around the premiere board-walker; it’s the flexiest out of the three and is meant as a pure-bred freestyle/dancing hybrid that excels at everything that has to do with style and flow. The Whip 47 is formulated for dancers and freestylers between 130-190 pounds. If you weigh more, don’t worry; the board isn’t off-limits, but upon landing hard jumps and tricks, the board may scrape the ground. Note: For those that remember the Mike Fitter pro-model, this board is built in a similar mold-set except this time, it has double kicktails and a softer (but firm) flex! The bigger sizes are “stretched” versions of this concave.