Mini Cruisers

Upcycled and Handmade!

Nimble, light, and affordable; three words that describe the new Rayne Mini Cruisers. They’re small and dextrous because of their size and short wheelbases; great for commuting and slashing. Take them out in the morning for a speedy trip from your apartment to school or to work, or maybe take them out for a nice cruise session with your friends! These little rippers are great for 100% fun.

This year, the Rayne Mini Cruisers have been revamped and redesigned so that they’re not only attractive and efficient, but so that they’re also more versatile. For example, the Rayne Mammoth, Amazon and Golden Toast Cruisers are well-endowed with a sizable, ollie-able kicktail and come with hips for extra traction with mini-cruiser slides. They’re cut from the popular Rayne Catalyst mold for a comfortable popsicle concave. At 26 inches long, they’re your perfect slasher and commuter. The Rayne Astronaut Micro Mini Cruiser is even smaller at 24 inches! It lacks the sizable kicktail but makes up for it in small size and exceptional space saving. Awesome for stowing it under your desk. This one packs a punch in a small size.